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With tank systems ranging from 150 gallons to 15,000 gallons, we know what it takes to keep live lobster fresh and hardy.  Pictured at left is our custom-built 300 gallon lobster tank.  As a part of our testing, we successfully deployed this tank into a variety of Houston retail settings over twelve months. From first hand experience, we can confidently say that there is no lobster tank on the market that can outperform this tank’s reliability, ease of use, and ability to keep product fresh.

Manufactured from a combination of durable fiberglass and acrylic construction this tank ensures a long operating life and low maintenance. The tank base can be customized to your specifications, to include any graphics or design elements that would make it more esthetically pleasing for your specific application.

The key component to our tank is our unique biological filter bed, which consists of: Dolomite, Activated Carbon, and Live Coral. With the addition of live bacteria, which we cultivate in our 15,000 gallon tank room in Houston, we deliver a fully seasoned lobster tank to your store capable of holding up to 300 pounds of lobster.

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Why our Tanks are the Best

  1. Bullet Easy access from all 4 sides

  2. Bullet Shallow pool with constant water level

  3. Bullet Stable biological filtration

  4. Bullet Stable base - not top heavy

  5. Bullet Tank color & graphics can be customized

  6. Bullet Power loss drains tank to preserve life

Technical Specifications

Top Tank Fill Time: Apx. 35 minutes

Tank Drain Down: Apx. 20 minutes (Upon Power Loss)

½ HP Compressor with Titanium Chiller, Single Phase, Start Amps: 10.0, Run Amps: 7.98, Volts: 115, Gas: R22, HZ: 60 Pump Specs: Danner Manufacturing, Inc. 1200 GPH / 20 GPM, Amps: 3.9, Efficient Magnetic Drive Technology Electrical Specs: Double pole 15amp GFI breaker to meet Federal and OSHA regulations.

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Base also available in custom colors including:

  1. Bullet Jet Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Tan, Coffee, and Purple